Groupon UK – Things To Do In The UK And Save Money!

by Jessica Thompson

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Many of you out there may have already heard about Groupon’s services in the United states. What you may not know however, is that Groupon has expanded and finally brought its services to the UK via Groupon UK. You can find Groupon UK either by going to and then selecting your country from the list of available location, or simply by clicking here.

Groupon UK offers many features, which businesses throughout Europe use to advertise incredible deals on their many goods and services, and in return this has allowed many users to make great savings on new experiences, restaurant meals and travels. Groupon has not only quickly developed a reputation for offering great savings on local deals but also savings on holidays too via their Getaway services. Groupon Getaway has been set up to offer deep discounts on airline tickets and other travelling services like hotels, resorts and tourist activities. Savings are normally between 50%-90% off the regular price!

Groupon is organised into cities to help residents navigate better and make the most of their local communities. Saying that, many users also use Groupon to plan their trips by finding great deals and experiences in where ever they plan to visit. You simply just purchase the Groupon deal you want on their website and present it on use. If however, not enough customers purchase the deal on offer then it will not go ahead and you will not be charged. Don’t worry though as this never really happens since it is in the businesses interest to provide such a deal to the customer, that they will find it hard to turn down.

Money savvy overseas visitors also get a lot of using Groupon UK. Many will visit Groupon before they plan their travels to find and arrange flights and luxuries accommodation at an extremely high discounted rate. It also act as a great way to get ideas for fun events and activities to enjoy with visiting friends and relatives. Groupon UK should more than anything, be used as a tool to plan trips and activities while saving time and money.

As with all Groupon services, you need to have an account to use Groupon UK and you can do this by simply signing up for free. When you’ve signed up, you can then browse the plethora of deals listed as well as receive daily deal updates in your area and/or area of interest. In particular the email updates are extremely useful. These email updates will keep you up to date and out of the dark on what’s going on, as well as give you great ideas on what you can do at evening and weekends (we all run out of ideas sometimes!).

If you live in the UK and want to plan your weekends or special occasions, or just like the feeling that you are saving large sums of money while having fun, then you will definitely appreciate using Groupon. Or if you are a visitor wanting to get the most of your excursion to Europe, then I’d also highly recommend making the most Groupon UK and its services.


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