Groupon Cardiff – Save Money on Hotels, Restaurants, Spas and Much More!

by Jessica Thompson

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Everyone loves discounts and Groupon Cardiff delivers. As a business owner you know that offering a 10% discount on your products will entice your customers to spend more at your store. People love Groupon because you can receive large discounts off of items that you would already normally purchase, discounts ranging between 50%-90%! At Groupon everything is discounted and that means more money in your pocket if you are a consumer, and more sales for your business if you are a business owner.

Groupon was founded in November 2008 in Chicago. How it works is each day there is a new featured deal on the best things to do, eat, see, and buy in roughly forty-five countries all around the world. This ensures the customer a win-win combination; you can feel good about your purchase because the site is reliable, offers you a large selection AND you saved yourself money.

Groupon is a huge store which offers you with almost everything online, at a massive discount. Their goal is to give people leverage on volume buying and they also offer huge discounts on not just items but travel and holidays as well.

Groupon is available in every city in the UK and Cardiff is one of those cities. They offer local deals on a different product every day and offer their customers a limited time to take advantage of the deal. On the website you will notice a digital clock that displays how much time is left for that particular deal. You can also find the number of people who have already purchased that deal, indicating its popularity. At the top the website you will find a tab named ‘Cardiff Deals’. The ongoing deal for Cardiff will be shown there with the price and what is the percentage of concession you are going to receive (how much you’ll be saving!).

You can shop from Groupon Cardiff from the comfort of your own home or on your mobile phone while you are on the go (a very useful app I might add). Simply sign up on their site and start browsing their latest deals. They will also send you e-mails about the day’s best deals. This is a great feature for anyone that is looking to save even more on deeply discounted offers off the company’s original prices.

The experiences on offer is wonderfully varied on Groupon, even if you are a lover of Formula 1; Groupon Cardiff has something special for you. For example, there is a mind blowing deal on there by TeamSport that will give you a real taste of Formula 1! You yourself can experience this by booking it though Groupon Cardiff. Groupon Cardiff really has so many new and exciting experiences to offer you.


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